Pavel Malý wins the best poster award on QuEBS 2017 in Jerusamel

After a similar success in Florence in 2015, Pavel Malý receives one of the best poster awards on Quantum Effects in Biological Systems conference in Jerusalem.

Pavel Malý receiving the best poster award at the final session of QuEBS 2017.

This years Quantum Effects in Biological Systems (QuEBS) workshop has taken place in Jerusalem from March 26 to 29. Our group has traditionally a strong presence with two talks (Tomáš Mančal and František Šanda) and three posters (Joachim Seibt, Vladislav Sláma and Pavel Malý). To our group's extreme delight and pride, Pavel received the best poster award for his poster "Light-harvesting in purple bacteria: from ultrafast to slow, from ensemble to single complexes". It is already for the second time that Pavel received this award on this conference series. 

We have also presented our results in the research of fluorographene as a biomimetic material. The poster was presented by Vlaďa Sláma (mostly work of Vláďa and Sayeh Rajabi who could not attend the workshop), and for the first time we have our new collaborators from Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Thomas Renger and Frank Müh as co-authors. 

Joachim Seibt presented a poster on his work on non-equilibrium versions of Modified Redfield and Förster theories. This work was recently accepted in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

Overall, we have enjoyed Jerusamel and the stimulating environment of the conference. The field is moving forward, but one can notice on quite a few presentations that there is a gap between theory and experiment. Often, this gap is only virtual, originating with people's ignorance of current state of the theory. For the resto of the gap, we are here to fill it.