Quantum Effects in Biology in Jerusalem

QuEBS 2017 will take place in March in Jerusalem with a big presence of our group again.

by Tomáš Mančal

The most important conference in our field for the year 2017, the Quantum Effects in Biological Systems workshop, will take place in Jerusalem in March 2017. Not unusually for this workshop, only invited talks will be presented. Our group will have at least five contributions, including one talk. 

Interestingly, the public outreach section of the conference includes a Sunday, March 26th talk by Jim Al Khalili, who is behind the BBC documentary on Quantum Biology. It is quite unfortunate that our group's research shows that this time, the usually pretty accurate BBC document is off by a landmark. Quantum Biology is a controversial field, but even  with this controversy, what the document presents as principles of photosynthesis is as remote from real photosynthesis research as astrology is from astronomy. The conference itself, will be a testimony to this.