Strouhal Lecture 2018

Prof. Richard Stratt from Brown University will deliver the yearly Strouhal lecture on Wednesday March 7th.

Beginning of March, our group will host prof. Richard M. Stratt from Brown University, Providence, USA. The visit follows the Memorandum of Understanding between Charles University and Brown University which supports exchange of faculty members of the two universities. Prof. Stratt will spend a week in our group during which we will discuss research topics for possible collaboration. On March 7th, he will deliver this year's Strouhal lecture

Prof. Stratt has published over hundred papers in various areas of theoretical chemistry, mostly on molecular dynamics in liquids and ultrafast spectroscopy. He is well known for the so-called instantaneous normal mode analysis of liquids which serves as a powerful entry into the elementary events in liquids. The title of his lecture is "Molecules are fast, so how can liquids be slow?" and it will introduce us to his group's insights into dynamics of liquids.

The lecture starts at 2 pm in the F1 lecture hall (also known as Strouhal Lecture Hall) Ke Karlovu 5, 12116 Prague 2.