Main research topics

Theory of open quantum systems:

  • Generalized master equations
  • Non-markovian dynamics
  • Energy transfer in molecular aggregates
  • Decoherence and interpretation of quantum theory

Primary processes in photosynthesis:

  • Function of photosynthetica antenae
  • Structure and light harvesting properties of chlorosom
  • Charge transfer and charge transfer states in photosynthetic systems
  • Role of coherence and quantum mechanics in photosynthesis

Theory of non-linear spectroscopy:

  • Non-linear spectroscopic methods
  • Multi-dimensional spectroscopy
  • Advanced methods for calculating non-linear optical signals
  • Manifestation of electronic and vibrational coherence in multidimansional spectra
  • Interpretation of optical spectra

New Materials and Quantum Technologies:

  • Transfer of design principles from natural photosynthesis into artificial materials
  • Quantum simulators and quantum computers


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Fig. 1: Bacterial photosynthetic machinery
Fig. 2: (Upper part) Natural Photosynthetic Antenna; (Lower part) Bio-inspired light-harvesting antenna based on fluorographene.
Fig. 3: Non-colinear arrangement of non-linear optical spectroscopic experiment with three pulses.
Fig. 4: Open quantum system embedded in a large thermodynamic bath.